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Welcome to the English short version web site of Helge Thime-Iversen, author of the crime novel X.


Publishers note:

"Forget everything you think you know. The rules no longer comply. Helge Thime-Iversen wrote a crime novel that batters our unconscious perception of predictability in our lives."


X is following police investigator Njaal Natland on his hunt for a cunning serial killer operating across Norway seemingly without any obvious pattern. X is leaving behind bewildering clues on the crime scenes, and also makes direct contact with Njaal.

This novel takes the reader to various Norwegian places, like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and a few smaller cities and towns in western and northern Norway.

Helge Thime-Iversen is currently working on a new Njaal Natland novel, and also on a separate novel project.




Helge Thime-Iversen has written a phenomenally mesmerizing book about serial killings. I live in the story and keep looking over my shoulder. Shivers!! ... The debutant delivers a sensationally thrilling and consistent crime novel.

Krimtimen, NRK P1 (Norway's largest radio station)

Helge Thime-Iversen debuts with a crime novel where the tension is building up well.

Bergens Tidende (Largest newspaper in Bergen)

Investigator Njaal Natland is a nice man to follow, and he will surely do well on the big screen. "X" is definitely film material. ... I'm looking forward to the next Natland crime novel! ...

Helge Thime-Iversen is educated as historian. In addition he works for the Norwegian Maritime Authority in Haugesund. This combination has apparently made wonders for the ability to mix gems of the past with psychopatic serial murders, and spread it out along Norway's weather torn coastline. (book related web page)

 A new and fresh crime novelist has done the feat to drive an experienced crime lover with at least 400 crime novels on the hard drive completely out of his mind. That says something about quality folks. It says something about an author that has succeeded. I am engaged and carried away by X. It rips and tears in me every vacant second I have. 

Bokbloggeir (crime novel blogger and crime author Geir Tangen)

I liked this novel as soon as I started reading it, and I think it has a well developed story and a consistent pace all the way.

ukjentterreng (book blogger)


I think the language flows well and makes it pleasant to read. The tension increases from page to page, and in terms of a crime novel I have to say this is some of the best I have read. This can undoubtedly be equaled to both Jo Nesbø and Jussi Adler-Olsen! Excellent crime novel that I happily recommend!

Zeldajenta (book blog)


The novel was thrilling. Luckily I mainly read it on the train, surrounded by people.

tonesbokmerke (book blog)


This is a very thrilling crime novel of the kind where you really have no idea who the villain is until the very end.

betraktninger (blog)


When I started reading this book, I thought it would mean days of reading, but no. This went fast, as it was intensely thrilling from beginning to end.

Med bok og pallett (blog)


I had a Criminal Minds feel as the story was both thrilling, unreal and entertaining.

Berit sin bokblogg (book blog)


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